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15 Watt T8 Bi Pin UVC Germicidal Lamp

  • 15 watt – Length is 17.75” (454mm)
  • T8 Bi-Pin Diameter (25mm)
  • 253 NM Range
  • Length does not include Pins (Standard Industry Specification)
  • Quartz Glass Construction
  • For Best Results Replace Bulb Every 8000 Hours or 6 Months (Average Life Span)
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15 Watt T8 Bi Pin UVC Germicidal Lamp, T8 25mm Germicidal 253nm UV replacement bulb.  The effective life of a replacement UV lamp is approximately 8000 hours, after this point it will seem to be working but in fact the effectiveness of the 15 Watt T8 Bi Pin UVC Germicidal Lamp will be decreasing and needs to be changed. Changing a bulb twice annually will usually be good enough to maintain the filter light unit.   We stock all types made with quartz glass material  for effective transmission of the light wave.  All bulbs are designed to be suitable as the original lamp bought with the pond UV Filter.



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