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Fish Inspection

Proper pond management practices should always start with an assessment and fish inspection. If you have koi or any other fish at some point it may become necessary to inspect them for illnesses and get in front of any issues. It is very important to be familiar with the fish in your pond to ensure that they aren’t under stress. You will need to examine your fish from head to tail-fin. Signs of scrapes, scratches, redness in gills, inflammation, strange spots or parasites, or cloudy eyes. Pondh2o are industry leaders in fish inspection items, having a vast range of pond nets made to our specification, inspection vats and tanks, and bags in various sizes. Depending on the application you are inspecting your fish, choose the appropriate product. Make sure that it is designed for the function you are performing and your fish will be happy and safe. Also, other fish inspection items available to help care of your pond fish.

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