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T5 Four Pin 25 Watt UV-C Germicidal Lamp

  •  25 watt – Length is 17.5”
  • Length does not include pins (Standard Industry Specification)
  • T5 4 Pin 15mm Diameter
  • 253nm Wavelength
  • Quartz Glass Construction
  • Use in Pond Filters, Water Purifiers, Etc.
  • For Best Results Change Every 6 Months or 8000 hours
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25 Watt T5 Four Pin Germicidal Lamp.  Top quality Quartz crystal replacement T5 Four Pin Germicidal Bulb.   Ultraviolet Clarifier Bulbs or Sterilizer lamps help clear green water in a water garden koi fish pond or an aquarium. UV bulbs kill bacteria and many viruses. Greenwater or single cell algae problems in Water Garden Ponds can be eradicated using a 25 Watt T5 Four Pin Germicidal Lamp UV light clarifier. UV-C Germicidal Bulb allows for easy replacement.  The effective life of a replacement UV lamp is approximately 8000 hours.


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