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Telescopic Pole String Algae Brush

Strong Bristle Brush on strong telescoping pole
Telescoping Aluminum Pole that extends to 72 Inches
Rubber Hand Grip
Stores at 48 Inch
Brush can be taken off pole on screw thread

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Pond H2o Scrubbing Brush with Telescopic Handle for exceptional Water Garden Pond Maintenance. Keeps your pond in great condition and easily addresses pond scum in your water garden pond. Hexagonal Telescopic Pole Adjustable from 24 inches to 72 inches. Hard wearing 7 Inch Strong Plastic Bristle Brush easily screws onto the telescopic pole. Stainless steel wire and aluminum pole so will not rust. Rubber hand grip. Pond H2o quality. This Scrubbing Brush with Telescopic pole is great for retrieving foreign debris in a pond or brushing of rocks, cleaning rocks, filter housing and gravel. Perfect addition for pond maintenance. Strong Bristle Aluminum Pond Brush is Approximately 8 Inch Long by 4 Inch Diameter. Telescoping Hexagonal Aluminum Pole that Extends to 70 Inches. Ideal for all Jobs Around a Pond. Rubber Grip & Easy Storage, Stores at 48 Inches, Brush can be Taken Off Pole on Screw Thread



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